About Scott’s Practice

20191108_210910 Scott Cundiff, LMFT, CSOTP
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider

Scott has been in the human services field for over 20 years working with individuals, children, adolescents and families to overcome life challenges. He holds two graduate degrees: a M.S. in Human Services and a M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Scott serves as an outpatient therapist at Associates in Brief Therapy in Roanoke. He employs a “family practice” model and works with children, teens, parents, and couples. He finds that much of his work on is focused on helping persons with DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, TRAUMA, ANGER CONTROL and in RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING.

Scott is systemically minded and action oriented in his work with his clients and takes seriously the trust they place in the counseling process. In working with clients, Scott uses an integrative  systems approach combining the best of family systems therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and behavioral approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to assist individuals and families in crafting new life stories and relationships, with themselves and others- ones that they prefer and that take into account all that has come before and all that will come after.  The goal? Less stress, more love, and a lot more fun!

Most importantly, Scott is the happy husband of a wonderful wife of 16 years and dad to a super cool fifteen year-old daughter as well as an amazingly cute five year-old boy. Together, they live in Roanoke.

How to contact Scott:

Email: scottcundiffmft@gmail.com

Phone at Associates in Brief Therapy: 540-772-8043

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