Kids with DEFIANT behavior!

Are you a parent of a child or teen with defiant behavior- anger, lying, refusing to do the simplest task? Are they disrespectful? Do they disregard your requests or those of their teachers? Are you at your wits end?!

You are not alone. Scott is an defiant behavior expert (he has a uniform but his kids thinks it makes him look silly, so he keeps it at home). Seriously though, whether your child or teen has autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety ( which often accompanies defiant behavior, or they are simply “out of control” or you have been told they have “ODD” ( Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Scott can help.

He can help you see what your child or teen is really trying to communicate and can help provide you with strategies to take back control. Best of all, he can help the kid you love embrace a happier, fun-filled, and more cooperative life.

Contact Scott today. Let’s get to work!

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